Blocked bank account

Blocked account

The German Embassy requires certain foreign students wanting to study in Germany to create an account which holds 8200€. This account will be blocked, so that the student can monthly only take 670€, which is said to be sufficient for monthly expenses. As the student will not be present in Germany to open this account personally, there are some bureaucracies to manage. As German bank system is quite strict and complicated, it is best to have guidance in opeing this blocked account. Study Admission can assist you in opening this blocked account by providing you with step by step information how to deal with each the German bank and the German embassy on the other side.

First, we will provide you with the bank application sheet and help you fill it according to the bank’s requirements. Next, you need to sign these papers under observation of the German embassy in your home country. After this, you can send the signed applications to our offices, which we will proceed in a secure and safe way to the German bank.

The bank will contact you so that you transfer the money to this account directly. Study Admission doesn’t take any part in this money transfer – this transaction will be only between you and the bank.

In the following, the bank will give you a notifaction of transfer. This document is important for your visa application and needs to be shown in original to the German embassy.

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