Costs of living in Germany

Cost of Living

Cost of living in Germany and the cheapest cities in Germany

A student in Germany needs around 800 Euro monthly – but these costs vary from city to city and depend also on the student’s personal living standard

Berlin, Brandenburg and Thüringen are said to be the cheapest German federal states, whereas Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf are nice cities, but rather improper for students looking for a small budget living.

If you want to know a raw guess about the living costs of your future city, see this page. You can choose the Bundesland and the city where you want to study and see information about costs of food or transportation etc.

What costs I have to calculate for my student life in Germany?

Students need to finance

University costs:

Also this depends on the federal state of your university. Some universities still ask for a tuition fee of 500 Euro for a term at most, but in other federal states there is no tuition fee. In all cases, there will be an administration fee and the cost for a student public transport ticket. These fees can differ from 200-300 Euro.

Also expect around 30 Euro monthly for copying and books.

 Health expenditures :

Students in Germany need a valid health insurance. You need to calculate from 35 – 80 Euro for a standard package.

Housing expenditures :

Costs for housing vary enormously between different German cities. In some areas, you pay 275Euro for a shared flat room, in other you pay 400 Euro for a room of the same size. Generally spoken, living in a student home is always the cheapest solution. See or for up-to-date information on housing costs in your city.

Transportation costs:

If the student is registered officially as a student of a university, transportation cost is included in the administration fees. Some universities offer the same package for students of an intensive language course at  the university. For students not registered in an university, you should calculate around 65 Euro monthly.

Food expenses, hygiene and clothes:

For a normal lifestyle, you can calculate around 300 Euro monthly, as Germany has relatively low food prices.