Study and work in Germany

Work as student

 Am I  allowed to work in Germany as a foreign student?

In general, students are allowed to work in Germany under certain conditions, which should guarantee that the study comes first in a student’s life. The rules differ according to your nationality. EU citizens are allowed to work up 20 hours per week or unlimited during the university holidays. If you are a non-EU citizen, you are only allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half-days per year. If you want to work more than this, you need an allowance from the Aliens Department. Also, you are not allowed to work during a study preparation year, like an intense German preparatory language course (§ 16 Abs. 3 Aufenthaltsgesetz.)

What are the requirements to work as a student in Germany?

It is relatively simple to find a student job in Germany, but you should fulfill certain conditions: Most important are language skills: You should hold a B1 certificate. Also, you need a professional CV according to German standards, which shows your language skills.
You need proof of any mentioned skill or experience .


What kind of student jobs can I find in Germany?

Most students are working in restaurants, hotels, babysitters, cleaning  or in the universities offices. Also you can find jobs in fabrics, in mail services or in commercial promoting. In general, during your first time here, you can do manual work, whereas your  German skills get better, you can also find jobs as secretary or in phone services.


How can I find a student job in Germany?

There is a lot of websites who show you all kinds of vacancies in Germany. Some of them need registration and a CV, some of them connect the employer with the employee.

Some examples you can find here:

Students can also create job searches:

Do I need permission to work as a foreign student in Germany?

EU citizens don’t need a permission to work, whereas non-EU citizens need to ask for permission if the weekly working duration is over 20 hours.

What is the minimum wage for student jobs?

The minimum wage for student job is between 6 and 8 Euro per hour, according to the federal state and job.