What advantages does TestAS offer to me?

Language course

You want to study a bachelor degree in Germany, but your GPA (Grade point average) is too low for your favorite subject?
You want to apply for a hard-fought degree like medicine in Germany and are afraid that you can’t compete with other applicants?

Don’t worry, this type of study in Germany doesn’t need to stay a dream only, but can become reality by doing the so called TestAS. The test for academic studies, short: TestAS is a standardized aptitude test for foreign students (non EU) who want to start undergraduate studies at a German university.

This test will measure the intellectual abilities which are necessary for studying successfully. You can take the test either in German or English language, and there are test centers all over the world, like for example the Goethe institute in Cairo. In 2016, there will be a new format,which is called „TestAS for refugees“. As the name already suggests, it is meant for Arabic-speaking refugees residing in Germany and will therefore be also available in Arabic translation.

The test consist of three parts. The first part will measure your language abilities and thus make sure you are understanding the test language. The second part is the so called core test. It will test general abilities, for example if you are able to think logically and if you are able to solve tasks in creative ways. The third part consists of subject-specific questions. According to your future study path, you chose from the areas Economics, Engineering. Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences or Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences. The questions there will check your cognitive abilities and therefore will only ask questions which you can solve with your brain only!

To get to know the test, you can download free training materials on the website of TestAS.

By taking the test, you can find out about your suitability for your study area and the future success rate of your study. According to your rate, you can increase either your GPA or show the university that you are more than capable of competing with other students.At the university of Mainz for example, you can increase your average by up to a whole decimal point according to the German grading system. This is an enormous chance, especially for student wanting to study medicine in Germany: a 2,3 can become a 1,3 easily with a very good TestAS result. Inform yourself, which universities offer this special admission system at the homepage of TestAS www.testas.de. There you can also find dates and information about test centers.