Work and trainings for doctors

Work and training for doctors

Being a doctor in Germany will provide you with the best working conditions and education in both scientific and practical medical work. But this dream only begins with your diploma. The way how to present yourself to the German job market is essential, as there is a strong competition from all over the world for working contracts or even trainings . You will find quite a lot job vacancies for foreign doctors in Germany, but mostly foreign applicants are not familiar with German application standards. Therefore, Study Admission and it’s German application team will assist you with their longterm experience and help you make the next step towards a future career in the German medical system. We will not only survey your documents, but also get to know your personal strenghts and wishes in a short personal interview. This helps us not only to satisfy your wishes , but also to present you personally to your future employer in the most positive way. Also, it prooved important to match demands about what the applicant expects of the German job market and what it can give to him. Study Admission can assist you with:

Application for an employment agreement with salary ( Assistenzarztausbildung or Facharzt)

Application for an internship without salary ( Hospitation )

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